Climate Seasons

Radio conversations on the climate crisis

Broadcasting live over Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3FM (DC area). Streaming at  Archives here.

Posting soon: “Climate Summer 2019”

Carbon removal – technologies & hopes at a new frontier for climate action. Plus: Strengthening climate resilience, one DC neighborhood at a time.

Think locally

Washington, DC-based climate communicator Julie Hantman is creator, producer and host of “Climate Seasons,” a series of live radio conversations on climate change. On each episode Julie and her guests discuss local impacts and local and national approaches to the climate crisis, striving to engage listeners in hopeful action. “Climate Seasons” broadcasts on DC-area community radio station Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3 FM with live-streaming at  
This website archives the episodes including audio recording, guest roster, program summary, and further resources.

Why this radio series?

Climate change is here. The crisis is hard to absorb; hard to discuss.  Community radio is a place for forthright, compassionate and locally focused conversations — conversations that inform, enlighten, and inspire listeners to action. 

 Julie Hantman is a longtime DC resident, storyteller, and public health advocate who has worked on many high stakes public issues. Formerly a freelance contributor to NPR-affiliate WNYC Radio, Julie is dedicated to producing long-form audio that heightens public understanding of the climate crisis and moves people to action.

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