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The Floods (#2)

The Washington, DC region faces severe flooding risks from a triple threat of heavy rain, downstream river flooding through Maryland, and ocean surges upriver from the Chesapeake Bay. How does all this water and flooding relate to climate change? From the National Mall to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, what steps are needed to protect our region and adapt to what’s coming? An expert roundtable conveys information, insight, and hope.


1) Sandra K. Knight, University of Maryland’s Center for Disaster Resilience
2) Marco Ciarla, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District
3) Astrid Caldas, Union of Concerned Scientists


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D.C. Silver Jackets
Climate Ready DC: The District of Columbia’s Plan to Adapt to a Changing Climate
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“The Floods” aired live on August 13th, 2018 as the second episode of Climate Seasons, Julie Hantman’s quarterly radio series on Takoma Radio WOWD 94.3 FM (Takoma Park, MD) with live-streaming at