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Youth strikers with Jerome Foster II at center.

Youth Rising (#7)

Amid a worldwide push for climate action, DC high school senior Jerome Foster II makes the case for youth leadership and global unity. Plus: DC middle schooler Ethan Vandivier’s passionate takedown of federal inaction. A psychologist’s call to empathic engagement. And, a journalist’s take on the ShutDown DC action.

It’s only in the cracks of division that corruption can seep in and pollution can seep in… We must fix those things and it’s only fixed with the bonds of intergenerational unity and intergovernmental unity. — Jerome Foster II


(1) Ethan Vandivier, climate activist and DC middle schooler (C-SPAN clip)
(2) Jerome Foster II, climate activist and DC high school senior
(3) Caroline Hickman, climate psychologist (pre-recorded)
(4) Matt Miles, freelance journalist

OneMillionOf.Us — Jerome Foster II, founder and Executive Director
Ethan Vandivier’s speech at Fridays For Future DC rally 9/20/19
Earth Island Journal article on ShutDownDC 9/23/19 — by Matt Miles
Dark Mountain Project — writings on ecological, social & cultural unravelling
Climate Psychology Alliance — check out Caroline Hickman’s podcasts
Extinction Rebellion US (XR US)
Schools for Climate Action
National Children’s Campaign

“Youth Rising” aired live on September 25th, 2019 as the seventh episode of Climate Seasons, Julie Hantman’s quarterly radio series on Takoma Radio WOWD 94.3 FM (Takoma Park, MD) with live-streaming at

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