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The Heat

The summer of 2018 brought unprecedented heat to the country. Excessive heat harms children, the elderly, the poor, and outdoor workers. How are people being affected now and into the future? How can vulnerable populations cope? And, are mainstream media outlets adequately addressing how climate change propels heat waves? Three well-informed guests break it all down, and name their own personal ‘heroes’ tackling the climate crisis.

It’s actually gonna get so hot — you start by limiting hours, you don’t work midday — if we don’t act quickly it’s actually conceivable, on the pathway we’re on, that we basically lose outdoor summer labor in the American South by the end of the century. – David Arkush

Julie Hantman

Juanita Constible, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
David Arkush, Public Citizen
Kelly Nichols, Moms Clean Air Force

Letter to OSHA calling for heat protection for workers, signed by over 130 groups
Climate Change and Health: Extreme Heat (interactive map and resources), by NRDC
How Climate Change Affects Asthma, by Molly Rauch, Moms Clean Air Force
Fear and Loathing on the Climate Beat, by James Murray,

“Hot Talk in 2018’s Climate Summer,” by Juanita Constible (NRDC)

“The Heat” broadcast on July 12th 2018, over Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3FM with live-streaming at This is the 1st episode of the Climate Seasons radio series, produced and hosted by Julie Hantman.