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Ocean Heat Waves (#8)

On April 22nd, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the program host spells out some of the connections between the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, independent journalist Bob Berwyn on the Australian wildfires — and how changes in ocean currents are effectively creating ‘heat waves’ in the ocean, too.

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Bob Berwyn, Independent Journalist

Australian Heat Wave Raises Concern for Country’s New, Sizzling Normal, Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News, February 13, 2017
Ocean Warming Speeding Up, with devastating consequences, study shows, Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News, January 14, 2020


“Ocean Heat Waves” aired live on April 22, 2020, as the 8th episode of Climate Seasons, Julie Hantman’s quarterly radio series broadcasting live over Takoma Radio WOWD 94.3FM (Takoma Park, MD) with live-streaming at and later archive on this site.

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