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From Trauma to Action

Some say that people don’t care enough about climate change. Research psychologist Renee Lertzman says the opposite: people do care but they are anxious in the face of the climate crisis, and ambivalent about what they are willing to do, so they turn away. Lertzman endorses compassion for self and others, plus joining groups that collectively can help people grapple with these strong feelings. This work can propel people into engaging in meaningful action for the long term.

It’s about being compassionate truth-tellers. It’s not about whether to talk about what’s going on, it’s about doing it in a compassionate and emotionally intelligent way. – Renee Lertzman

Julie Hantman

Julie Hantman
Danny Griffin

Renee Lertzman, PhD

Project InsideOut. A forthcoming resource hub connecting activists and clinical psychologists.
Project InsideOut Summit. This Oct 7-8 summit for individuals and organizations provided tools and resources for staying engaged, awake and capable of driving behavior change.
Why Facing our Feelings is Essential for Tackling our Climate Crisis (
Good Grief Network
Kristin Barker and One Earth Sangha

“From Trauma to Action” broadcast on August 28th, 2020 over Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3FM with live-streaming at This is the 9th episode of the Climate Seasons radio series, produced and hosted by Julie Hantman.

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