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Artist Noel Kassewitz rowing her "climate-ready" art

Cultural Innovators

I hope to sneak through the wall of apathy that has built up around climate change. I found my Trojan Horse is art with a satirical sense of humor. Humor catches people off guard. — Noel Kassewitz

Art and culture innovators create new gateways for grasping the enormity of the climate crisis. Jill Kubit urges parents to write personal letters to their children from the vantage point of the future. Visual artist Noel Kassewitz rows “climate change ready” paintings down the Potomac River. Also: Mike Tidwell recounts his travels across the Louisiana bayous in the years before Hurricane Katrina, learning from local fishermen about land loss and their fear of cataclysmic threats to the bayous. Plus, Mike gives a pre-election forecast about Mid-Atlantic climate policy and politics.



1) Mike Tidwell, Executive Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network
2) Jill Kubit, founder of Dear Tomorrow
3) Noel Kassewitz, Visual Artist


DC Climate Coalition; the Clean Energy DC Act (2018)
Bayou Farewell; The Ravaging Tide (book by Mike Tidwell)
Climate Change is Personal, Jill Kubit, TEDNYC 10/5/16
“Art & Climate Change,” guest commentary by Noel Kassewitz on the Union of Concerned Scientists blog, 8/27/18

“Cultural Innovators” broadcast on October 25th, 2018 over Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3FM with live-streaming at This is the 3rd episode of the Climate Seasons radio series, produced and hosted by Julie Hantman.