Climate Autumn 2018 — Policy & Culture

Climate Autumn 2018 — Policy & Culture

October 25, 2018 broadcast —

The Mid-Atlantic region’s policymakers are leaning more and more pro-climate. Meanwhile arts and cultural innovators pull more people into climate action. One project urges parents to write down their hopes and promises to their children. A DC-based artist floats down the Potomac River on her “climate ready” art making a visible call for climate action.

PRODUCER AND HOST: Julie Hantman (click for bio)

GUESTS:  (click for links)

1) Mike Tidwell, Chesapeake Climate Action Network
2) Jill Kubit, Dear Tomorrow
3) Noel Kassewitz, Artist


DC Climate Coalition; the Clean Energy DC Act (2018)
Bayou Farewell; The Ravaging Tide (book by Mike Tidwell)
Climate Change is Personal, Jill Kubit, TEDNYC 10/5/16
“Art & Climate Change,” guest commentary by Noel Kassewitz on the Union of Concerned Scientists blog, 8/27/18

AUDIO BELOW (57 minutes):

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