Julie Hantman is producer and host of a quarterly radio series on climate change called “Climate Seasons.” Local and national guests speak with Julie about local impacts, novel solutions, and ways to engage people in their everyday lives. Broadcast over community radio station Takoma Radio WOWD-LP 94.3 FM, “Climate Seasons” reaches a potential listening audience of 250,000 in southern Montgomery County and northern parts of Washington, DC. The series livestreams at www.TakomaRadio.org and episodes are archived at www.ClimateSeasons.org.

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Youth strikers with Jerome Foster II at center.

Youth Rising (#7)

Amid a worldwide push for climate action, DC high school senior Jerome Foster II makes the case for youth leadership and global unity. Plus: DC middle schooler Ethan Vandivier's passionate…


Soil and Spirit (#5)

Ditch those rototillers. Guest Betsy Taylor describes the agricultural revolution to restore soil health. Healthy soil can sequester more carbon, improve crop yields, and support biodiversity and pollinators -- a…


100% by 2032 (#4)

With the passage of the Clean Energy DC Act on January 18th, DC's already-strong leadership on clean energy rose even higher. The ambitious law puts the city of Washington, DC…


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