Climate Spring 2019 — Soil & Spirit

Climate Spring 2019 — Soil & Spirit

April 10, 2019 broadcast —

One of the best solutions to the climate crisis is right under our feet. When soil is healthy, it keeps carbon underground and helps pull more carbon down through a process known as soil carbon sequestration.

Yet worldwide, soil is unhealthy and degraded. In response, an agricultural revolution is underway using approaches old and new. Don’t till the land. Lay simple plant crops over empty acreage to keep photosynthesis going. “Regenerative agriculture” leads to healthier soil, more food to go around, and less need for pesticides and other chemicals. And if city-dwellers en masse sent their food scraps to the compost bin rather than landfills, this simple act would contribute significantly to combatting climate change.

Plus: The rationale for the Green New Deal. And: How tapping into faith, spirit, and community can sustain hope and spur more action for a sustainable climate.

PRODUCER AND HOST: Julie Hantman (click for bio)
Production Assistant: Danya AbdelHameid


Betsy Taylor, Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions
Brenda Platt, Institute for Local Self-Reliance (short prerecorded interview)



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